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As bodies age, the blood vessels in the penis close or completely collapse. Without proper blood flow, the penis is unable to create or maintain a strong erection which is what causes ED. Anyone who has suffered from any form of ED is a candidate for this noninvasive protocol.

Pulse Wave Technology is the newest groundbreaking method that uses targeted, acoustic wave technology to open the blood vessels, stimulate new blood vessels, and strengthen the vessels in the penis. This improved blood flow is the basis for a strong, lasting erection. Since the treatment is noninvasive, the natural solution provides long-lasting results—far more than typical oral medications.

This treatment has proven to help over 80% of treated men achieve the spontaneous and lasting erections they want at any age, and most results are semi-permanent, meaning you typically will not have to come back year after year for more treatments.

The number of sessions vary by patient and their individual needs, but each session lasts less than 30 minutes and will not affect your daily work routine. The best part is that you may be able to perform in the bedroom the very same night as your treatment! Yes! Our technology is that amazing!

Need more proof? Cambridge University completed a study titled “Men’s Power-Pressure Wave Erectile Regeneration-Therapy: an Early Assessment” that concluded that 95% of men who receive at least 6 treatment achieved improvement in their sexual performance.

Don’t let anymore time pass before you make the best change in your life! Get rid of your ED and get back in the sack with our Pulse Wave Technology treatment! Call us today!

We Fix ED!
Did you know that 50% of middle-aged men experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction? As your body ages, sometimes your performance can suffer which is frustrating to you and your partner. At Lakeview Men’s Health, we can help you overcome that frustration and bring harmony to your relationships using our breakthrough technology that solves the common ED problem.

This scientifically-backed method is pain free, surgery free, and drug free, and has an 87% success rate for hundreds of men who we’ve treated. This more natural approach to healing your body will provide relief without the side effects and concerns of drugs or surgeries. Best of all, it treats the root cause of the problem which means you’ll have lasting results for years to come. Using Pulse Wave Technology, the blood vessels in your penis will be acoustically opened and strengthened to restore full functionality and naturally occurring plaque buildup will be reduced.

Your results will include longer-lasting erections, natural size enhancement, and immediately spontaneous erections. No more planning your nights around the time you take an oral medication! These life-changing effects are just a few treatments away! Book your appointment today!

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Initial Health Assessment
Meet Dr. Crump, a board-approved, medical practitioner for sexual health, to discuss your personal medical history and create a tailored treatment plan for you.

Any questions you have will be answered completely.

Treatment sessions are less than 30 minutes and timed to work around your schedule. No need to change your plans for the day.

The treatments will not affect your daily activities since it is not a surgery- or drug-based remedy